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Your teeth should last a lifetime, but even with the daily care and regular attention from your dentist, decay and damage will happen. Tooth decay, gum disease, and injuries to the mouth may result in losing one or more of your teeth.

Losing teeth as an adult is a traumatic experience and restoring your smile quickly and safely is a top priority. At the practice of Joshua Peter DDS, PLLC, we understand your urgent need to restore your smile. Whatever the cause of your missing teeth, dental bridges may be the solution you need.

Dental bridges bridge the gaps between teeth and can even replace a mouthful of missing teeth when used as part of dental implant restoration. They are minimally invasive and designed to preserve your natural teeth as much as they restore missing ones.

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What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges use crowns that anchor permanently in your mouth, either to the surrounding teeth or dental implant screws. Dental bridges quickly restore your smile and your bite, allowing you to chew, talk, eat, and drink without damaging your other teeth.

Types of Tooth Bridges

There are several different types of tooth bridges used in different circumstances.

  • Traditional bridges replace a missing tooth or fill a gap when the surrounding teeth are still intact and healthy. Traditional bridges are made of ceramic or porcelain fused onto a metal frame. They are strong enough to replace molars if necessary. Traditional bridges require removing some of the enamel from surrounding teeth to attach the crowns seamlessly.
  • Cantilever bridges are used when you only have natural teeth on one side of the space. The bridge is attached to that tooth only, and the dentist removes enamel as with a traditional bridge. The one-sided support makes these bridges more fragile, and it is possible to fracture teeth or loose crowns more often with this type.
  • Maryland bridges are typically used for replacing front teeth. Also known as the resin-bonded bridge, Maryland bridges use bands made of metal or porcelain to bond the tooth bridge to the adjacent teeth.
  • Temporary bridges protect your teeth during every bridgework procedure. These bridges are often plastic and are placed over the adjoining teeth to keep them protected and clean, while your custom crowns are made in the laboratory.

Learn More About Restorative Dentistry and Dental Bridges in Denver, CO

Dental bridges are minimally invasive dental prosthetics designed to replace missing teeth quickly. Dental bridges protect your oral health during procedures and play a significant role in restorative dentistry procedures. They are also an affordable way to restore your smile.

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