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Whitening your teeth is one of the best and easiest ways to boost your confidence in your smile. Society places high value on clean, bright, white smiles and you can achieve this by whitening your teeth here at Joshua Peter DDS, PLLC.

Why You May Need Teeth Whitening

Our baby teeth are generally whiter than the adult teeth that grow in later. As people age, their teeth can become yellow, dull, dark, or stained. Part of the appeal of a whiter smile is that it can make people look much younger.

There are several reasons why you may need to whiten your teeth. These reasons include:

  • The natural aging process, which can yellow the teeth
  • Staining from red wines, coffee, or cigarette smoke
  • Certain medications, especially antibiotics
  • Tooth decay and dental cavities, which can darken the teeth
  • Genetics
  • The weakening of your tooth enamel, which allows the yellow dentin underneath to show through

In-Office Teeth Whitening

A professional, in-office teeth whitening is the preferred method of whitening your teeth. In our office, we can make sure that the rest of the mouth is protected from the whitening chemicals and that the chemicals are administered in just the right amount. In-office whitening can brighten your teeth up to 10 shades in a single office visit!

During the whitening procedure, a protective gel will be applied to the gum tissue to protect them from the whitening chemicals. After this, a special, light-activated solution will be applied to the teeth and our laser light is used to activate the agent. The result of this simple procedure is a beautiful, white smile.

If you take good care of your teeth and maintain healthy gums your whiter smile can last for years to come. To make your appointment with our Denver dentist, please contact our office today. Our office is located in Denver, CO and we proudly serve the communities of Denver, Cherry Creek, Aurora, Parker, Centennial and DTC.

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Our vision as a dental office is to provide our patients with trust, confidence and a positive, relaxing experience. We are focused and committed to our patients and we won’t settle for anything less than excellence.

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