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Receiving a professional teeth cleaning here at our dental office means that one of our team will remove plaque, tartar, and any stains that have formed on the teeth. If you aren’t brushing or flossing well enough, the plaque that accumulates on your teeth will eventually harden into tartar. This tartar can only be removed by a professional and if it isn’t removed, can eventually cause decay, dental cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss. The American Dental Association recommends that you receive a dental cleaning and exam every 6 months in order to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. In addition to professional cleanings, it’s also important to maintain a good at-home oral hygiene routine.

What To Expect During A Teeth Cleaning

A routine dental cleaning usually only takes about a half an hour, maybe even less. Below is what you can expect from a teeth cleaning here at Joshua Peter DDS, PLLC:

  • First, your mouth and teeth will be examined for any obvious problems such as tooth decay, tooth infections, swollen, red, or bleeding gums, open sores, or any other potential issues.
  • Plaque and tartar will be removed from the teeth. If you have a particularly bad case of tartar or gum disease, a process called scaling and root planing will be performed. This is just a thorough cleaning of the teeth and removal of any and all bacteria hiding between teeth or under the gum tissue. The methods used will depend largely on the severity of the plaque and tartar.
  • Once your mouth has been thoroughly cleaned, Dr. Joshua Peter will conduct an examination of your mouth and teeth. Additionally, you will also receive a TMJ evaluation and oral cancer screening. This is the time when you’ll be able to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your dental health.

If it’s time for you to schedule a dental cleaning and/or a dental exam for you or the whole family, please contact Joshua Peter DDS, PLLC in Cherry Creek today. Here at our Denver, CO dental office, your oral health is our number one priority!

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